3 Ways to Fill Gaps in Resume

English: TV Interviewers with anti BT Brinjal ...
English: TV Interviewers with anti BT Brinjal activists outside of Bangalore stop of India’s Environmental Minister’s listening tour relating to the approval of this GE Food product by Monsanto/Mahyco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Leonard Chapman Resume Page 2
Leonard Chapman Resume Page 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Leonard George Chapman Resume Page 1
Leonard George Chapman Resume Page 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am writing based my friends experience with real time scenarios:

Your Resume is your marketing tool with all your experiences. You also have an eight-month gap in your employment history. Still explaining gaps in proper way helps you much better. Here are ways to explain your time off.

Ready with Answers: Interviewers will want to know why there is a gap in your employment history and what, if anything, you did during that time. When applying for a job, acknowledge the gap in your cover letter and briefly explain the reasons for the period of unemployment. In the interview, you can talk more about it at length. Else, it is hard to explain it.

Put a positive spin on it: Not all employment gaps are due to layoffs or getting fired. You may have taken time off to take courses, freelance or travel — all of which can make you a better candidate for the job. List the courses you’ve taken and explain how they will help in this new position. Talk about your freelancing experience and what you learned and accomplished during that time. Share your travels with your prospective employer.

Just be honest: While a gap in your resume isn’t a surefire reason to reject you, being dishonest is. If you were laid off from a company, don’t omit it from your resume. List the dates you worked, and if interviewers want more details, they’ll ask for them. If you chose to leave your previous job, let the employer know. You can then say that you were fortunate enough to take time off to figure out your next move and apply for jobs you want to do, not just what you can do.  Being honest helps you consider your profile.



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