Resume Writing Tips -Freshers and Experienced

College FresherFirst Impression:  you don’t have a second chance. Invest time in your resume to write it well. Your Resume is your marketing tool. Why people are spending million dollars on ads.

Show your abilities with Resume: Employers do not have the luxury to spend more than a minute of their time reading your resume.  Your Resume should show what you are capable.

Reverse Chronological:
Commonly used by people with job specific titles and experience with no major gaps, chronologically listing you most recent job first. This resume format is appropriate when you have specific job related experience and background.  This is for Professional experience people.

Functional Resume:
This resume format is more commonly used where the experience and education may not have a steady continuation, or long history of experience, which makes it impractical to be listed chronologically. Summarizing the education, experience and skills make this resume  to make attractive.

Combination Resume:
This resume format utilizes the best features of both the chronological and functional format resumes. This is for freshers.

Professional resume:

Just write to the point about education and experience. Never exaggerate your qualifications, skills or lie on your resume.

Write clearly your accomplishments and skills on your resume according to impressiveness, uniqueness and relevance to the prospective position. Don’t bury the skill or job experience that would be most likely to impress a recruiter. Resumes are scanned quickly, so a recruiter may move on to the next resume if you lead with an irrelevant skill.

Write neatly with proper spaces.

You should use bulleted sentences, not paragraphs, to describe your work experience in your resume. Resumes are read quickly, and bulleted sentences are much easier for a recruiter to read than long paragraphs. The bulleted sentences in your resume should also begin with action words, such as “developed,” “initiated,” or “managed.” Action words add strength to your resume.

Stay focused in your field. Summarize your qualifications and experience related to your field, do not list odd jobs, training’s and courses.

Be sure to proofread your resume before submitting it to a prospective employer. Use your word processing software’s grammar and spell-checker to find any obvious mistakes. Ask a friend or colleague look over your resume and give you their opinion on its structure or style.

Use .txt format to use online.

You should avoid sending your resume as an email attachment to employers unless you are invited to do so — which is often the case. Some potential employers may not have the software (or version of the software) that is needed to open the resume attachment, and many employers are very concerned about viruses in email attachments. By pasting your resume within the body of your email, you will avoid these issues and make it easier for the recruiter to scan your resume.

Try to use specific key words in your resume related to your field. This allows employers and recruiters to easily find you when searching for your talents, skills, expertise and education.

Avoid mentioning hobbies and interests when writing your resume.

Always use white paper.

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